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Yellowstone Eruption – Supervolcanoes

Everyone who knows anything about volcanoes and earthquakes is aware of the potentially earth destroying capability of the Yellowstone Super Volcano. Yellowstone could do what the Toba Super Volcano did some 70,000 years ago: throw the planet into an ice age that lasted close to 60,000 years and destroy 90-98% of the world’s population. Those are not wild speculations but reality. No one wants to think about it of course; however, Yellowstone may be leaving a calling card for us.

Over the last few months things have been heating up in our famous National Park and none of it is good.

Over eight days, more than 1,270 mostly tiny earthquakes have struck between Old Faithful and West Yellowstone. The strongest dozen or so have ranged between magnitudes 3.0 and 3.8. These are beginning to become serious in size, as a growing swarm of course, but the vast majority have been too weak to be felt even nearby.

Online chatter about an imminent volcanic eruption in Yellowstone hasn’t really picked up compared with the attention that a similar quake swarm drew just over a year ago. But here I am chatting! :-)

“Perhaps we have done a better job in the past year or so helping the public understand that earthquake swarms are not unusual in Yellowstone,” park spokesman Al Nash said Monday. That said, taken together as a whole, this represents the SECOND greatest and largest swarm in history. The largest quakes in the current swarm have included two of magnitude 3.1 and one of magnitude 3.0 late Sunday and early Monday, according to the University of Utah, which helps monitor seismic activity in Yellowstone.

Take note: one of the world’s largest volcanoes slumbers at the core of Yellowstone.

The volcano last had a caldera-forming eruption 640,000 years ago and last spewed lava 70,000 years ago, which means it could have erupted along with the Toba super volcano. Geologists say Yellowstone could erupt again, although the probability of an eruption within anyone’s lifetime is extremely low! I like those odds, but with all the weird things going on in the physical world these days, who knows?

Relatively mundane fault slippage is believed to be causing the latest quakes, said Jamie Farrell, a researcher at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Not that the swarm isn’t interesting to geologists – quite the opposite. “It gives us an opportunity to maybe get a better idea of what the processes are that are causing the earthquakes we’re seeing,” Farrell said. “Hopefully, each time we get one of these, we can get maybe a little better idea of what’s going on down there.”

I’m glad someone is watching because we may be getting a wake-up call; however, if we are, does anyone know what in the world we could do about it anyway? :-(

Let’s hope not; however, sometime down the road this super volcanic caldera is going to blow. Let’s hope that we’re not here; however, if we are there is no need to worry. There would be no place to hide! So, don’t worry, be happy! One thing we have to admit though is that the earth is extremely irritated now. Tornadoes in California too? Can all this weather and earth movement be related?

Hugo Chavez, the man who would like run the world, says no!

Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez has once again accused the United States of playing God. But this time it’s Haiti’s disastrous earthquake that he thinks the U.S. was behind. Spanish newspaper ABC quotes Chavez as saying that the U.S. navy launched a weapon capable of inducing a powerful earthquake off the shore of Haiti. He adds that this time it was only a drill and the final target is … destroying and taking over Iran.

What a nut job this dictator is! Can anyone give me some evidence please?

Meanwhile back in the sane village yet another earthquake. Oh yes, it’s not a big one, but where it is has been causing scientists to take notice. A 3.5 earthquake hit Yellowstone National Park Wednesday as the swarm of earthquakes that started Sunday continues to intensify. The earthquake occurred at 2:32 p.m., according to scientists monitoring the current swarm.

A woman at the West Yellowstone, Montana Chamber of Commerce said the earthquake created a “rumble like a truck driving down the road.” Let’s hope that’s a loud as it gets folks. She added that the earthquake caused the icicles on the Christmas tree at the Chamber, which has not been taken down, to shake. Maybe it was just a reminder that Christmas is over. Think maybe?

The swarm of earthquakes that started Sunday has now entered their third day. On Monday night, a magnitude 3.4 tremor was recorded at 8:39 p.m. Al Nash, spokesman for Yellowstone National Park, said that 469 earthquakes had been recorded in the swarm as of 3 p.m. today. Who counts such things? Nash said the earthquakes have been reported by multiple people in the park itself, and in neighboring communities in Montana and Idaho.

So far scientists monitoring the swarm say the tremors seem to be normal tectonic activity, and is “not an indication” that some sort of volcanic activity will occur. However, they continue to monitor the situation. Bottom line is that they don’t know! And, Prof. Robert B. Smith, a geophysicist at the University of Utah and one of the leading experts on earthquake and volcanic activity at Yellowstone, said that the activity is a “notable swarm.”

I don’t like “notable”.

What is notable though is the fact that we’re seeing some of the greatest numbers of earthquake, the lowest number of sun spots, and all of this really needs to stop and cool down. Oh yeah, we’ve already been cooling down. Can someone email Al Gore and ask what’s up? :-)

Yellowstone Super Volcano

Most people have little information on, nor give great thought to volcanoes. The general thinking is that they are mountains with a hole in the top that release pressure from the inside of the earth. But, what we now know is that there is a classification of volcanoes that we call SUPER volcanoes which are depressions and not mountains, but cause far more serious damage.

The greatest and worst of those few deadly SUPER volcanoes is located here in America: Yellowstone SUPER volcano.

This SUPER deadly volcano wasn’t even discovered until 1993 and since the discovery it’s been growing quickly. It covers 136 acres, is located under the Yellowstone glacial lake, is forming an ominous bulge while heating up the ground temperature in excess of two hundred degrees- enough to close down certain area of the National Park. Worst of all, Yellowstone is fueled by underground accumulations (formed millions of years ago) of uranium.

In other words, WHEN she blows, what’s not destroyed by tons of rocks will be obliterated by radioactive fallout.

Initially, some 70% of America would be toast and eventually a nuclear winter would set in throwing the entire planet into another ice age. Bottom line- not good news. So, what’s the possibilities, and what might a trigger be? We now know that volcanoes are greatly impacted by the highly charged electrical particles coming from the sun which normally cannot get in.

Normally. Now and the year 2012 is anything but normal.

In 2012 we will see a peak in sun spot activity. We are also discovering that we have CRACKS in the magnetosphere. As an example we have a 100,000 mile crack (from South Africa to Brazil). It’s called the South Atlantic Anomoly, and it is really bad news. Crewmembers in spacecrafts that pass through the crack require higher shielding, and satellites have been damaged during transit.

Holes in the ozone, cracks in the magnetic fields, super volcanoes, and a lot more tell us that we have some serious thinking to do. Can we stop it- any of it? Not in the natural. But an enhanced and increased consciousness might do wonders to save the world.

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